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Arrow Official Motherboard Monitor 5 (MBM5) Update 3 with Core(TM) Temp plugin

***UPDATE: 08/21/2008 *** Version 1.30 (for 32-bit & 64-bit systems) & MBM5 Update 3 now available for download!

Core(TM) Temperature Monitor Plugin for Motherboard Monitor 5
Distributed under license by The Tech Repository (
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 freecableguy (FCG). All Rights Reserved.

Monitor actual Core(TM) Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) temperatures directly from MBM5 in real-time!
Supports Yonah, Merom/Allendale/Conroe/Woodcrest/Kentsfield/Clovertown, Penryn/Wolfdale/Yorkfield/Harpertown, and Nehalem (preliminary).

This plugin for MBM5 allows the user to simultaneously monitor up to 16 cores using Intel Core(TM) technology. All sensor update intervals, logging options, alarm settings, and display characteristics can be set through the popular MBM5 interface to be displayed along-side all other motherboard and video card temperatures/data. Free for use, free for distribution. Easy to setup and a great aid to overclockers and enthusiasts alike. Download version 1.30 (32-bit/64-bit) now!

Motherboard Monitor 5 Update 3 is available for download exclusively from The Tech Repository! This update is cumulative and does not require any other updates to be installed prior to patching. This update corrects a general incompatability between Core(TM) Temp plugin and the CPU usage display setting that resulted in incorrect temperatures for one or more cores in v1.0.

32-bit (WinXP Pro):

x64 (Vista Ultimate 64-bit):

IMPORTANT NOTE: For version 1.20 (x64) the incorrect sensors for MBM5 are listed in the setup document. Use 9, 10, 11, 12, etc. (9 & 10 for dual-core, others for 4 or more cores as needed). This is corrected in the setup instructions included in version 1.30 or later.

Version History:

12/02/2006 - 1.0 - initial release, coreplugin.dll v1.0.0.0010, coretemp.sys v1.0.0.0005 (32-bit ONLY)

12/10/2006 - 1.1 - coreplugin.dll v1.0.0.0036, coretemp.sys v1.0.0.0006 (32-bit ONLY)
- Corrected bug where some quad-core processors would display core temperatures 15C too low as a results of incorrect Tjunction calculation.
- Added support for internal display and calculation of CPU usage. Native MBM5 CPU usage support is disabled when the plugin is loaded when using MBM5 Update 3.
- Increased maximum core support to 16 cores.
- Changed default sensor numbers so that cores temperatures shown in the system tray can be read in order from left to right starting with 'Core 0'.

1/7/2007 - 1.12 - coreplugin.dll v1.12.0.0047, coretemp.sys v1.12.0.0007 (32-bit ONLY)
- Changed sensor numbers back to Sensors 9 through 24 to remove a conflict with other MBM5 plugins that use sensors in the high 20s.
- Added better support for E6x50 and X43xx series Conroes/Allendales.

1/10/2007 - 1.13 - coreplugin.dll v1.13.0.0048, coretemp.sys v1.13.0.0007 (32-bit ONLY)
- Fixed bug where core 2 and core 3 temperatures were incorrectly reported on quad core processors.

12/16/2007 - 1.20 - coreplugin.dll v1.20.0.0001, coretemp64.sys v1.20.0.0001 (64-bit ONLY)
- Initial release for x64 systems (WinXP x64, Server 2003 x64, Vista 64-bit), added support for QX9650 and QX9770 processors

8/21/2008 - 1.30 - coreplugin.dll v1.30.0.0001, coretemp.sys v1.20.0.0001 (32-bit), coretemp64.sys v1.20.0.0001 (64-bit)
- Updated 45nm Intel Core(TM)2 Duo/Quad/Extreme Tjunction values based on IDF 2008 Technical Session TMTS001 by Benson Inkley (Intel)

Release Notes/Known Issues:

1) Always use the latest version (v1.30 released 8/21/2008) unless you find an older version must be used.

2) There is, an as-of-yet, undiagnosed problem with MBM5 and any DFI motherboard in general which causes the CPU utilization to artifically increase and hold at 60-75% usage distributed across the cores making this plugin incompatable with these motherboards at this time. I will be working with DFI BIOS engineers to determine what might be causing this. I suspect it may have something to do with the SMBUS protocol application on these boards for the purposes of voltage control/readings. This may not affect the newer boards (some BIOS' provide comptability) - test this for yourself.

3) Version 1.20 adds support for 64-bit systems. This version includes release notes/setup instructions specifically tailored for Vista 64-bit. Although I don't anticipate any problems, please report any bugs you may find. DO NOT use version 1.20 if you are running a 32-bit will NOT work. Be sure to use the right sensors (9, 10, 11, 12, etc.) and not those incorrectly listed in the setup instructions included with the download. They are wrong (see the note above) and have been corrected as of v1.30.

Setup Instructions (32-bit only, refer to setup instruction file with x64 version for 64-bit setup):

1) Close Motherboard Monitor 5 if running.

2) Download and install Motherboard Monitor 5 Update 3 from The Tech Repository (

3) Move 'coreplugin.dll' to 'Motherboard Monitor 5\Plugin' directory.

4) Move 'coretemp.sys' to '%WINDOWS%\system32\drivers' directory.

5) Launch Motherboard Monitor 5 and right-click on the tray icon and select 'Settings', then click the 'Temperatures' tab on the left.

6) Enable sensors used for displaying the core temperatures selecting them, starting with 'Sensor 9' (with increasing sensor numbers for additional cores), from the 'MBM 5 sensor' dropdown and then setting 'Should display board sensor' dropdown to 'Custom'. Do this for each sensor used. (Note: Core 2 Duo/Extreme and other dual-core derivatives will use Sensor 9 (Core 0) & 10 (Core 1). Core 2 Quad/Extreme and other quad-core derivatives will use Sensors 9 (Core 0), 10 (Core 1), 11 (Core 2), and 12 (Core 3). SMP systems using dual/quad processors are supported - up to 16 core temperatures will be displayed in the Sensor 9 to Sensor 24 range.

7) Click on the 'Visual' button under the dropdown boxes. Set the display name of the sensor as this will not automatically be assigned (users have expressed their desire to set this themselves). Check the box labeled 'Display this temperature in the dashboard screen" so that it appears in the dashboard. Selecting 'Display this temperature in the system tray' is also often desirable and will result in the display of the core temperatures in the system tray, right to left, starting with Core 0.

8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have enabled one sensor for each core in the system.

9) Click 'Apply' to save the changes and then small 'x' in the upper-right corner of the Setting window to close it.

10) Adjust the dashboard size so that your newly enabled sensors are visible.

11) Right-click on the tray icon, select 'Plugin' -> 'Core(TM) Temperature Monitor MBM5 Plugin v1.13' -> 'Start Plugin'. Temperatures should immediately begin displaying as well as CPU Usage information for each core. NOTE: Stopping the plugin will result in no CPU usage display if 'coreplugin.dll' is detected in the Plugin directory when MBM5 starts regardless of the MBM5 setting. This is by design.

12) Shutdown and restart MBM5. The plugin should automatically start if enabled the last time that Motherboard Monitor 5 was closed.


Questions? Comments? Bugs? Email me here.

Download Core(TM) Temp plugin v1.30 (32-bit & 64-bit support) from CA, USA

Download Motherboard Monitor 5 (MBM5) Update 3 from CA, USA
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